Thai Thai

In the heavy heat of June, Alexis and I walked the streets of Lakewood after lunch with the blazing sunlight from the cloudless sky beating down on our exposed shoulders. With perspiration surfacing on our foreheads and sweat running down our faces in rivulets, the humid afternoon stroll was becoming unbearable. We stopped under each tree that cast a patch of shade on the sidewalk and sought out a comfortable place to escape the heat. Thanks to social media and smart phones, we stumbled upon Thai Thai, a place that had numerous positive reviews and was a few streets over from where we dined. After a little discussion we decided to give Thai Thai a try.

Instead of reaching for pop, sparkling water, or sangria to help quench our thirst, we considered trying the latest trend sweeping the nation. Bubble tea is a sugary iced drink, often fruit flavored with chewy tapioca pearls floating inside. If you’re a fan of tropical refreshments like we are, then you’ve got to try Thai Thai’s sweet, frothy tea-based drink. It should be your go-to summer beverage. This afternoon refresher is definitely my new warm weather companion as temperatures rise and barbecues beckon. Nothing tastes more like summertime than sipping on a refreshing cup of bubble tea.

While I had never previously tried bubble tea, I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious fruity blend. I sipped on the mango and Alexis tried banana. We want to let our readers know you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t believe me, just ask the locals who line up outside the doors of Thai Thai to grab one of Kiwi’s bubble tea creations that only come around once a month. I was 1 of 200 customers lucky enough to try one of these creative concoctions. The Unicorn Blend tea is made of layers of several flavors (mango, honeydew, taro and strawberry) topped with a Brewnuts donut, sour gummies, and lollypops. Not only is the bubble tea as beautiful as it is refreshing, it’s sure to hit the spot and cool you off. Overall we really enjoyed our experience at Thai Thai. The cozy atmosphere along with the personable, friendly, and passionate owner Kiwi provided enjoyable conversation and made us feel at home.

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