The Vegan Doughnut Company

Donut ask me about my diet! Actually, do ask, because I’ve been munching on the most mouth-watering vegan doughnuts! That’s right, a plant-based version of this delicious treat. While these doughnuts do not contain dairy or eggs, you’ll still get lost in the amazing flavors, forgetting that these are vegan to begin with. The Vegan Doughnut Company is serving up a variety of super light, fluffy, and pillowy doughnuts, covered with fresh toppings, filled with strawberry, maple, or boston cream, made from wholesome ingredients, which make them utterly irresistible. From the popular glazed twist, to lemon lavender, you’ll want to sink your teeth in. Whether you like your donuts plain or dipped, they have a wide selection that will please your taste buds. They even have chocolate sprinkled to remind you just how good the childhood classic really is. If you want to be impressed, order the strawberry shortcake—IMO it’s easily the best doughnut I have ever had! The toppings alone will make you drool. Sweeten up your day with a deluxe sweet treat from The Vegan Doughnut Company. The doughnuts go fast, so get there early to snag the best flavors. I can not recommend this place enough!

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