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CED Graphics

In a cyberspace world full of virtual communication and technology, as old fashioned as it sounds, I still believe business cards are the most powerful marketing tool to gain exposure. It is an inexpensive way to present your brand. This piece of paper plays a strong role when introducing yourself to potential clients, and captures the impression of your brand/company. I’ve spent the last few weeks searching for the perfect graphic designer to partner with and after filtering through multiple companies I stumbled upon an unexpected treasure; CED Graphic Designs, a visual marketing gem. When connecting with CED’s owner Cedrix, his timely and efficient response helped guide me through this unfamiliar world of design. More importantly, he understood my intended goal. From that point, I knew I was in good hands. I find it important when working with another creative individual to let them take the reigns. The best way to capture your brand is to let someone else tell you what they see. This allows me to broaden my view as I look through their perspective. With little direction, Cedrix took to the drawing board and translated exactly what I had envisioned. He sent me numerous eye-catching samples, each one stood out in a unique way making it difficult for me to decide on just one. If you’re looking for a brilliant end product, and someone who is not only a pleasure to work with and talented, consider hiring CED Graphic Designs for your next project. I genuinely approve of their high quality designs, prompt response, and exceptional customer service. You won’t be disappointed!



Cleveland Candle Company

With the often ominous shadow of the big 3-0 looming reality sets in. Finding ways to celebrate can be daunting and a tad depressing. Turning 30 does not have to be a horrible experience though. Celebrating this monumentous milestone deserves some attention! As I bid Bon voyage to my 20’s, I wanted to ring in my next decade with a party I would never forget… A celebration with experiences that would last a lifetime.

As with any other occasion I plan, I took to google scrolling through the search results looking for unique and creative ways to amplify my birthday while keeping it cost effective for my guests lead me to the Cleveland Candle Company. I guess stumbled upon it is a better description though. Cleveland Candle Company offers 1 and 2 hour long private parties. You and your guests can express your creativity through the process of making handmade candles. I gathered 15 of my closest friends to celebrate this special day.

The first half hour putting our noses to the test while sniffing our way through to 200+ scents the Cleveland Candle Company has to offer. With a wide verity of scents ranging from fruity and savory foods, plant, spa, floral, seasonal, and specially scents it can be difficult to narrow down your selection to your top 3. If you are experiencing a sensory overload, you can shop their amazing selection of pre-made soy candles, handcrafted bath bombs, oil infused lip balms and vegan soaps.

While waiting for our signature candles to dry we were surrounded by the friendly and helpful staff their pleasant and uplifting attitudes added to the enjoyment of waiting for our creations. For the next hour we laughed and mingled while enjoying great food. I found creating your own craft to take home much more memorable than your typical “Dirty Thirty”. Next time you throw a bash remember the Cleveland Candle Company is a clever, cost cutting idea for all ages and occasions.


Picture This

Picture this
Have you had your fill of work and stress? Are you falling asleep on the job? Do you stare at the clock counting down the minutes? Do you find yourself asking “is it the weekend yet”? If you have answered yes to one or more of these, you are way overdue for a girls’ night out. The first thing that comes to mind is dinner, drinks, and dancing, but let’s face it—a night out on the town can be expensive.
You don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun. Just get creative when planning a fun, affordable experience with friends by challenging them to try something new and interesting. Here’s an inexpensive idea that my friends and I tried that won’t break the bank: Brush And A Bottle Paint Night. With a glass of wine in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, could you imagine a better way to unwind? Trashed Studio offers an all-inclusive three-hour instructor-led painting class with all supplies (sans the wine) provided for just $30! Local artist Bev Elliott will challenge you and your group of 6 to 12 friends to get creative in this step-by-step demonstration through the painting process. For those of you who have never picked up a paint brush, the ever-so-patient Bev is right by your side, ready to offer individualized tips and style suggestions. Her passion for painting is contagious, and you’ll find yourself channeling your inner Monet—shocked by the hidden artists that you and your friends have become.
I must admit that I was slightly hesitant about the evening since I’m far from a modern day artist. With Bev’s guidance and acrylic paint, I quickly discovered my artistic abilities. I personally found acrylic paint to be very forgiving, easy to use, and any mistakes can be painted over (even when dry!) I enjoyed the night out with my friends, and getting to come home with my own piece of art was an awesome added bonus.
The relaxing atmosphere of this cozy art studio is filled with laughter and good vibes from the moment your paint-filled brush hits the canvas, making that stressful work week you’ve had seem less overwhelming. I highly recommend Trashed Studio: Brush and a Bottle class for first time and/or experienced painters. For any event (girls’ night, birthday, family get-together or work outing), plan your next paint party with Bev and be sure to check out other services Trashed Studio offers!  **As a disclaimer (let’s not get confused by my writing style), this is not an advertisement, nor do I work for Trashed Studios. When I find something I love I give my honest opinion, and I never recommend products that I don’t use or enjoy.


Flea Market Finds

Moving into my first house is a liberating, thrilling and exciting experience. Now that I’ve freed myself from a twin bed, four walls and my families attempt at decorating which looks more like throw up that someone labeled fine art I can finally unleash my inner David Bromstad. I’ve watched color splash religiously the way he brings life into spaces is just brilliant. Drawing inspiration from Davids show my love for modern designs, clean lines, pops of color and geometric shapes stems from my appreciation of his talent.

With it now time to decorate my own space, so many options available and so many decisions to make, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. Paint swatches in hand and a pinterest overflowing with virtual mood boards for inspiration to transform my new space into my dream home I went on a furniture-shopping spree but after navigating each aisle and seeing the same mass produced decor in these major retailers I found the process of decorating difficult and exhausting. I longed for a conversational piece something that yearned for my attention.

There’s no rule that says my house must be completely furnished a few months after getting the keys but two years later still attempting to make my home look like something right off of HGTV and not having any luck refusing to settle for the same old boring costly decor. I decided to shop elsewhere searching for a signature staple item to give my space a distinct look. Seeking a one-of-a-kind piece for each room in my house determined to spruce up my newly blank slate with a focal point something that reflects my personality and passion I went on to tackle my decorating in stages one room at a time to avoid breaking the budget.

I made my way to the Hudson flea Market upon arrival the crowd alone emanates an exciting atmosphere vintage vibes and savory smells from the local food trucks filled the air along with stress free parking and breathable area to shop and take in all the local businesses have to offer. Strolling through the flea while browsing venders’ booths I was eager to come across handcrafted decor that stands out from the rest. Clever and creative local artist caught my eye J Paris Designs with her expert use of vibrant color combinations and geometric shapes this modern wood art was the perfect accent to my expressionless wall a statement piece I’ve been searching for on-trend with the canvas of colors that already exist in my living room a unique and creative handmade find that gives meaning to my space. There is something about the dimensional aspect of a wooden piece that adds depth to my room. The rustic natural grain of the wood when painted takes on a modern feel. The multi colored handcrafted wooden wall art is super stylish there is a certain playfulness about it making it beyond difficult to choose so I ended up with 4 and my living room is complete onto the next space.

I’m slowly converting a room in my house solely for the purpose of having a creative space to write. A much needed place of isolation for my mind that never sleeps. I usually find myself on the couch or cozying up in my bed withmy macbook and getting side tracked by nextflix or the latest episode of whatever current show I’m into and it makes it difficult to stay inspired. To furnish a room where I can surround myself with positive vibes and inspirational decor.

I stumbled across another local business worth mentioning a family owned business Kindred Metal. I gravitated towards this quality precision cut powder coated metal sign that comes in a variety of finishes perfect wall art for my blogging space I was immediately drawn to this tribal wanderlust inspired metal piece spelling out the phrase wild and free gave me a feeling of anything is possible somewhere i can truly focus on freeing my spirit through these words.