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Couponing For A Cause

Retail has been therapy for me since I can remember. It’s always there for my highest highs and sticks around for my lowest lows, but the life of a shopaholic is too damn expensive… so to avoid having to enroll myself in Shopaholics Anonymous, I sought out a creative way to turn my savvy shopping skills into something less stressful on my wallet: a way to still get in that adrenaline rush of stumbling across the latest clearance finds without breaking the bank. Working in retail only worsened my addiction, so I decided to take a break from the industry. At this point I could only fund window-shopping anyway which wasn’t nearly as exciting.

This is when I truly began to put my creative skills to work. I started collecting recyclables from friends, family, and neighbors even went door to door distributing flyers asking for scrap metal (pop cans, aluminum, brass, copper and more). I turned trash into cash, which not only helped out my ecological footprint but fueled my addiction without breaking the bank. I’m following in the footsteps of Ellen Degeneres, who’s famous for ending her show with the words “be kind to one another.” This idea really stuck with me. Utilizing my expert couponing and bargaining skills for a better cause, I started donating to my local animal shelter and over the years have really spread out the kindness to other organizations as well. Although my bank account doesn’t permit me to hand out large checks like Ellen, I’m still able to give back in my own way. This section of Sincerely BS will be dedicated to showcasing all of my charitable hauls- not to brag or boast for attention-but purely to inspire and show that anyone can make an impact and spread love which today’s world could use more of.


Spreading A Little Cheer 1/27/18

During the holidays, many nursing home residents feel overlooked and forgotten… but it doesn’t have to be a lonely time of year for them. Mark and I find it important to ease their loneliness, and with your help we can spread a little joy this holiday season. Even a small donation of a couple dollars will buy a fleece blanket or a cozy pair of socks!

We will gladly accept any monetary donation, no matter the amount. We will then utilize our expert couponing and bargaining skills to buy items for local nursing homes and deliver the items in person. Please join us in bringing cheer to our local nursing home residents this holiday season. Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who donated!! We were able to purchase 126 festive fleece blankets. Donated 42 to Heartland of Willoughby Nursing Home, 42 to The Euclid Pet Pals and 42 to Life Brand Cowboy Church for The Homeless.