Looking back, I realize that my interest in fashion started when I began reading magazines such as Elle and Vogue. These fashion bibles really had a huge influence on my interest in the fashion world. Since that time, I’ve really developed an urge to be involved in the fashion industry. Between working at Guess, interning for Women’s Wear Daily and having a taste of the consumer world, pursuing a career in fashion has become a goal for me.

Fashion has always been a part of me, it’s my life. Clothing has given me the inspiration to express myself visually, and my fashion pallet is chic and untamed, just like my personality. Showcasing my appearance is everything, and I love being able to represent my style in a vibrant art form. From loud and wild, to modern and edgy, to bohemian and hip, my style is my attitude. Fashion influences my life and has a positive impact on my personal style.

I’m anxious to share my love for clothes and fashion with everyone around me, so it only seemed natural to venture into the world of blogging by creating a style diary to showcase my outfit adventures for you. Not only will blogging permit me to bring my fashion sense to others, it will also help me to find a job that I love. This blog is about me sharing what I’m feeling and a lot of what I’m wearing with one goal in mind: to give a personal look inside my world of fashion in hopes of inspiring you.

I began Sincerely BS as a way to showcase my personal outfit adventures but quickly began to see how this style diary is more than just fashion related it’s a lifestyle blog that has crossed over into all aspects of my life. A personal look inside my world.

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