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The Vegan Doughnut Company

Donut ask me about my diet! Actually, do ask, because I’ve been munching on the most mouth-watering vegan doughnuts! That’s right, a plant-based version of this delicious treat. While these doughnuts do not contain dairy or eggs, you’ll still get lost in the amazing flavors, forgetting that these are vegan to begin with. The Vegan Doughnut Company is serving up a variety of super light, fluffy, and pillowy doughnuts, covered with fresh toppings, filled with strawberry, maple, or boston cream, made from wholesome ingredients, which make them utterly irresistible. From the popular glazed twist, to lemon lavender, you’ll want to sink your teeth in. Whether you like your donuts plain or dipped, they have a wide selection that will please your taste buds. They even have chocolate sprinkled to remind you just how good the childhood classic really is. If you want to be impressed, order the strawberry shortcake—IMO it’s easily the best doughnut I have ever had! The toppings alone will make you drool. Sweeten up your day with a deluxe sweet treat from The Vegan Doughnut Company. The doughnuts go fast, so get there early to snag the best flavors. I can not recommend this place enough!


Jade Roller

Since I’ve hit my 30s, the list of preventive anti-aging skincare products I use is longer than your fake lashes. If you told me rubbing breastmilk on my face would make me look 10 years younger I would try it! Let’s be real; I’m a sucker for anything that promises to give my skin a youthful, healthy glow. It’s the reason I’ve officially added jade rolling to the list of long of shit I do in my nightly beauty routine. This crystal-infused paint roller, which looks like an ancient stone, promises several benefits to help maintain a more radiant complexion; smoothing fine lines, boosting circulation, de-puffing and dark circle reducer. So of course I had to get rolling and wrinkle fighting because aging is fine for wine, but not my face. And honestly, I had zero expectations this at-home gadget would rejuvenate my skin, or keep me looking smooth and sculpted, but it’s a cheaper alternative to botox. Turns out, jade rollers are pretty legit. Rolling stones on my face did in fact improve my skin. I found the fountain of youth in jade. I wouldn’t say it’s a cure all product, but I noticed my skin looks brighter and more vibrant, and products are absorbing better than usual. Elevate your skincare routine and give it a go. A quick Amazon search yields a slew of options with all different price points. I’ve linked the inexpensive option I use that will do the trick.


Cleveland Cookie Dough Company

The smell of baking fills the kitchen. Nothing beats the aroma of vanilla, sugar, and butter; fresh baked cookies straight from the oven. The scent of chocolatey goodness hits your nose and you’re instantly transported back to your childhood days; coming home to grandmother’s house. I remember the days we spent making chocolate chip cookies together. I don’t know about you, but as a child I was always yelled at for eating the extra raw cookie dough after making a batch of cookies, because it’s “bad for you.”

Have you ever tried to bake cookies with grandma, but they never make it to the oven? Yeah! Then this place is definitely for you! The Cleveland Cookie Dough Company is deeeeelicious! Or as they say “Doughlicious”! Serving no-bake cookie dough you can eat by the spoonful without getting yelled at. Offering a variety of homemade memories with flavors like chocolate chip, brownie batter, reese peanut butter, and my favorite; a creamy, classic birthday cake sprinkle edible cookie dough you can safely eat.

Everything you love about birthday cake in cookie form without the boxed mix—soft and chewy funfetti cake flavor, sprinkles, whipped frosting, and more sprinkles; the ultimate crowd-pleaser. There’s nothing like grabbing a jar of edible cookie dough batter stuffed with sprinkles. So much better tasting than a birthday cake in my opinion! It is quite possibly my favorite flavor EVER! On the menu, you’ll find specialties like campfire s’mores, cinnamon bun, and red velvet. If you want to experience all the mouth watering flavors they have to offer, browse their full menu and calendar on or head over to to find the truck near you since they are a mobile service.


You can’t manufacture personal style

You can’t manufacture personal style

We’re all familiar with the fashion rules society outlines for us:

1.Legs or cleavage—never both

2. Navy is the new black

3. When it comes to jewelry, less is more

4. Don’t mix prints

5. Sneakers should never leave the gym

6. No white after Labor Day

7. Don’t mix gold and silver

8. Belt must match the shoes

9. Head to toe denim is a no-no

10. Your bra should never be exposed.  

Just stop. Please. Don’t fall victim to the trends by altering your look from season to season just because the societal manual suggested it.  Style doesn’t – well, SHOULD not – come with instructions. Time to tear the pages out and shred that handbook!  Rules are meant to be broken, so create a look you can call your own, and showcase your wardrobe by documenting every outfit in your own personal style-guide.  

Let YOUR clothes do the talking! The way you dress speaks volumes on your individuality, so stop following the pack! You’re not a product someone else designed, stuck a label on, and hung on a rack for sale! Forget the rules and create a signature look; if you like it, wear it— stand out, and make a bold style statement. The art of fashion is ever-evolving— a constant search for popular trends that fade each season and the latest fads making an appearance for a brief second.  It’s style that has no expiration date.  Fashion is everywhere: style is what you do with it! Fashion belongs to everyone, styles belongs to you.


Pie-O-Mine & Greens

When I say “pizza” to you, I know what you’re thinking; Chicago, New York, the pizza capitals of the world. I bet Ohio doesn’t cross your mind. Well, it should according to me. If you’re searching for the best pizza Ohio has to offer, look no further than Pie-O-Mine & Greens in Woodmere. Their pizza is fresh and delicious; a new favorite spot of mine. Serving personalized brick oven pizza, with an infinite amount of fresh toppings, you can customize your own pie with the ‘create your own’ option. Start with fresh pizza dough, top it with your choice of sauce, cheese, veggies, meats, and more unlimited clean ingredients, giving you that farm to table freshness. Or visit their menu to select from around 15+ classic favorite specialties, an assortment of pizzas with hand-chopped toppings and thin crust dough that they can modify to fit your dietary needs (gluten free option). Their menu includes specialty pizzas like the Classic Pepperoni, Meat Lovers and Booming Buffalo to name a few of my personal favorites. What’s your favorite kind of pizza? For me, nothing beats their BBQ Chicken creation. Sweet BBQ sauce, chopped chicken, red onions, bacon and cheese. I think many of you out there would agree with me.

Are you looking for a few less carbs? Or trying to meet your vegetable quota? Check out their custom blended salads. High quality food made with the freshest of ingredients, build your own salad with their customizable make station. Fresh to order, start your salad with a foundation of kale, romaine, or mixed greens. Then choose from over twenty plus toppings, such as dried cranberries, mandarin oranges, quinoa, green pepper, walnuts, sunflower seeds just to name a few (fruits/veggies unlimited). They also serve a plethora of specialty salads starting at $5.99 for a small caesar ranging to $12.49 for a large cobb. The freshest, healthiest, and best lunch/dinner salads I’ve seen.

Pie-O-Mine & Greens has introduced a new item to their menu! Wraps, which my tastebuds are craving. So, whether you want to dine on their delicious pizza, nutritious salads, and/or wraps, they have something tasty for everyone to enjoy.


CED Graphics

In a cyberspace world full of virtual communication and technology, as old fashioned as it sounds, I still believe business cards are the most powerful marketing tool to gain exposure. It is an inexpensive way to present your brand. This piece of paper plays a strong role when introducing yourself to potential clients, and captures the impression of your brand/company. I’ve spent the last few weeks searching for the perfect graphic designer to partner with and after filtering through multiple companies I stumbled upon an unexpected treasure; CED Graphic Designs, a visual marketing gem. When connecting with CED’s owner Cedrix, his timely and efficient response helped guide me through this unfamiliar world of design. More importantly, he understood my intended goal. From that point, I knew I was in good hands. I find it important when working with another creative individual to let them take the reigns. The best way to capture your brand is to let someone else tell you what they see. This allows me to broaden my view as I look through their perspective. With little direction, Cedrix took to the drawing board and translated exactly what I had envisioned. He sent me numerous eye-catching samples, each one stood out in a unique way making it difficult for me to decide on just one. If you’re looking for a brilliant end product, and someone who is not only a pleasure to work with and talented, consider hiring CED Graphic Designs for your next project. I genuinely approve of their high quality designs, prompt response, and exceptional customer service. You won’t be disappointed!