3 Palms Pizzeria

As a self-labeled pizza connoisseur, someone that’s toured many cities exploring the different pizza styles and varieties of toppings each neighborhood offers, I’ve sampled and tasted some of the finest savory pies. I’ve found myself indulging in Chicago’s deep-dish pizza, devouring Detroit’s caramelized crunchy edges, and gobbling down New York’s oversized thin crust… a pizza you fold in half to enjoy. This brings me to not the last destination on this food tour, but a favorite, 3 Palms, a local pizzeria located in Ohio where the traditional Neapolitan pizza topped with fresh ingredients meets a wood fired oven. I could practically taste the smell wafting through the restaurant as my eyes scanned the well-designed menu. The Diavola, where the simplicity of the mozzarella is paired with the crisp spicy salami and chili oil is my choice pie. The blend is bellissimo! This mouth watering scrumptious combination is sure to excite your taste buds. This authentic Italian styled pizza is by far the tastiest cuisine on the menu, especially if you like your pizza with a little heat. Be sure to give this zesty selection a try! With no shortage of choices, 3 Palms has other signature dishes to choose from like their traditional meatball starters with meat so tender it falls apart in your mouth and a variety of dipping sauces to choose from. So delectable, incredible, succulent, and tender your spoon cuts right through. A dish so palatable I found myself scraping it clean not to waste a flavorful bite. You will be oohing and ahhing over the texture and taste of this gourmet meatball. Be sure to leave room though, you’re not going to want to skip dessert! It’s the main attraction in this restaurant. No meal is complete unless you’ve ended it with something from their bakery. A bakery so irresistible, with an assortment of upscale pastries, freshly baked bread, and gelato. The lightly fried and flakey shell, and sweet aroma of the cannoli dipped in chocolate chips caught my attention. If you’ve never experienced this spice-infused specialty sweet you’re in for a treat so satisfying you might order seconds. Or you could try a few scoops of gelato. I recommend the mint chip! A flavor to salivate over. This after dinner staple dessert is worth all the calories. Next time you and your friends are ravenous for some authentic Italian pizza and specialty sweets, 3 Palms in Hudson Ohio has your cravings covered.  My stomach rumbles with excitement just talking about it. Mangia! Mangia! Mangia!

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