As I continue eating my way through Cleveland, the latest stop on my food tour leads me to a sugary heaven called Brewnuts. I had the opportunity to sink my teeth into the oh-so-fluffy dough of the tastiest gourmet donut Iโ€™ve ever had the pleasure of eating. They are so flavorful youโ€™ll feel closer to paradise with the first bite of these succulent, well-made donuts. Each doughy goodness is infused with beer (a key ingredient) that really adds depth to the pastry and perfectly complements the dough making this a sinfully delicious treat. These sizable donuts prove that beer is not just for washing down wings on Super Bowl Sunday, but that cooking with it adds a richness to the batter which causes the donuts to puff up superbly.

I recommend you head there early before the popular flavors sell out and when the donuts are at their freshest. Brewnuts offers the traditional old-fashioned fry cakes and delicious glazed options to the wildest and wackiest modern donuts with an exciting twist. I favored the Toothsome Golden Graham donut (worth the calories if I do say so myself). With every bite better than the first, the fluffy ring of chewiness slathered in cereal milk icing and topped with cereal, marshmallow, and chocolate is a treat too good to pass up. Brewnuts inventive creations are by far the best donuts around. Once you bite intoย one your taste buds are sure to agree. When you stop by be sure to try a fry cake!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sarah Alessi @caffeine_and_carbs

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