Town Hall

With hundreds of choices at your fingertips when it comes to dining out, choosing a restaurant can be challenging. I consider myself restaurant savvy, so don’t fret my friend, I’m here to guide you to the best local grub in the city. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the food Cleveland has to offer, now is the time! As a self proclaimed food tourist, I’ve tasted a variety of meals from 5 star menus, farmers markets, food-trucks, and other local spots you’ll want to experience. 
My favorite, Town Hall has a menu full of endless options, always serving delicious organic quality food. If you are looking for vegan friendly, paleo, gluten-free, or just healthier alternatives to comfort food, this is the place to eat. If there is one thing you need to try off this menu, it’s the unfried chicken sandwich. In my opinion, it is the #1 entree on their menu. It’s a healthier spin on a classic favorite, with spicy cashew crusted chicken topped with kim chi-carrot-brussel slaw, togarashi aiolil and miso glazed bacon. This delicious sandwich is served with a side of fresh cut truffle fries (french-fry heaven as far as I’m concerned). Honestly you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu.
I also tasted the smashed avocado, grass-fed cheeseburger, and food truck tacos. No complaints here! Everything was beyond tasty. The smashed avocado (guacamole) was a great small plate to start with; the freshest I’ve ever had. I even scraped the bowl clean! The cheeseburger was impressively tender, juicy, and full of flavor. Topped with organic white cheddar, onion, oregano vin, shredded romaine, rosemary aioli, and a pickle; simple yet satisfying. I was pleasantly surprised with Town Hall’s food truck tacos in their most basic form (tortilla shell, protein, and cheese). They are yummy, but these upscale tacos put other tacos to shame. Best I’ve ever had; overflowing with corn, chicken, shredded greens, every bite better than the last! Try to imagine the most perfect meal. Actually, you don’t have to. Just head to Town Hall!

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