Jade Roller

Since I’ve hit my 30s, the list of preventive anti-aging skincare products I use is longer than your fake lashes. If you told me rubbing breastmilk on my face would make me look 10 years younger I would try it! Let’s be real; I’m a sucker for anything that promises to give my skin a youthful, healthy glow. It’s the reason I’ve officially added jade rolling to the list of long of shit I do in my nightly beauty routine. This crystal-infused paint roller, which looks like an ancient stone, promises several benefits to help maintain a more radiant complexion; smoothing fine lines, boosting circulation, de-puffing and dark circle reducer. So of course I had to get rolling and wrinkle fighting because aging is fine for wine, but not my face. And honestly, I had zero expectations this at-home gadget would rejuvenate my skin, or keep me looking smooth and sculpted, but it’s a cheaper alternative to botox. Turns out, jade rollers are pretty legit. Rolling stones on my face did in fact improve my skin. I found the fountain of youth in jade. I wouldn’t say it’s a cure all product, but I noticed my skin looks brighter and more vibrant, and products are absorbing better than usual. Elevate your skincare routine and give it a go. A quick Amazon search yields a slew of options with all different price points. I’ve linked the inexpensive option I use that will do the trick.

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