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With the often ominous shadow of the big 3-0 looming reality sets in. Finding ways to celebrate can be daunting and a tad depressing. Turning 30 does not have to be a horrible experience though. Celebrating this monumentous milestone deserves some attention! As I bid Bon voyage to my 20โ€™s, I wanted to ring in my next decade with a party I would never forgetโ€ฆ A celebration with experiences that would last a lifetime.

As with any other occasion I plan, I took to google scrolling through the search results looking for unique and creative ways to amplify my birthday while keeping it cost effective for my guests lead me to the Cleveland Candle Company. I guess stumbled upon it is a better description though. Cleveland Candle Company offers 1 and 2 hour long private parties. You and your guests can express your creativity through the process of making handmade candles. I gathered 15 of my closest friends to celebrate this special day.

The first half hour putting our noses to the test while sniffing our way through to 200+ scents the Cleveland Candle Company has to offer. With a wide verity of scents ranging from fruity and savory foods, plant, spa, floral, seasonal, and specially scents it can be difficult to narrow down your selection to your top 3. If you are experiencing a sensory overload, you can shop their amazing selection of pre-made soy candles, handcrafted bath bombs, oil infused lip balms and vegan soaps.

While waiting for our signature candles to dry we were surrounded by the friendly and helpful staff their pleasant and uplifting attitudes added to the enjoyment of waiting for our creations. For the next hour we laughed and mingled while enjoying great food. I found creating your own craft to take home much more memorable than your typical โ€œDirty Thirtyโ€. Next time you throw a bash remember the Cleveland Candle Company is a clever, cost cutting idea for all ages and occasions.

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